CRM & Email

Customer Relationship Management

Contextually relevant communications.

So you have a customer’s email address! Great! Now what?

We’ve all heard the adage that it’s cheaper to retain a customer than acquire a new one, so we know it’s crucial to not only help you grow your client base, but also work to keep them engaged and encourage repeat custom and loyalty.

The first step is to understand your customers. We can make sense of your data to find actionable insights, define high-value customer segments and identify creative trends that elicit a response.

To allow efficient uplift in conversions, we can segment your audience based on their propensity to convert and design campaigns and user journeys that will have the best impact on them.

We aim to understand your current customer pain points through their actions and the behavioural trends of all your customers. This provides more efficient upselling and across selling.

At Uncommon Sense we create hyper-engaging communications and content that’s optimised and effective, helping companies turn customers into advocates. Thus, feeding the acquisition of new customers.

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