What is Evolutionary Consumer Psychology?


What is Evolutionary Consumer Psychology?

Evolutionary psychology proposes that the human mind is a product of evolution by natural selection. It explains that much, if not all, of our behaviour can be explained by appeal to internal psychological mechanisms.

Individuals will typically make hundreds of consumer related decisions a day. These go beyond just the purchasing of goods and services. We consume traditional products and services, but also cultural products such as movies, song lyrics, literature, art and travel to name a few. Many of these consumption phenomena are manifestations of innate needs, preferences and drives that cater to basic Darwinian goals1.

Marketing and business more generally are the ideal disciplines for evolutionary psychological consideration. Understanding these considerations provides a huge advantage to marketers and business, allowing them to predict the consumption behavior of an individual. Media and advertising content works best when it reflects our evolved human nature, and appeals to our innate human instincts.

At Uncommon Sense we use a combination of evolutionary consumer psychology and best in class digital marketing expertise to deliver solutions that are rooted in evidence, not trends.


  1. Gad Saad: The Consuming Instinct (2011)

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